Ya Savannah here I don't even know how to right one of these damn description things. So i'll just say somethings I do and I like.Im a CosplayerIm addicted to anime(like SNK, Free, Naruto, Bleach, and a lot more that if i keep typing im gonna run out of room)I read all the time and I mostly I spend my time here on tumblr or anywhere else on the internet cause my life ended up here so Enjoy this blog as much as you can. And to those who follow me I Love You all and thanks.

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Sousuke could really have said ‘I love you’ to Rin in any part of his speech and I wouldn’t be even a little surprised By Me, after hearing Sousuke’s final speech about wanting to swim the relay with Rin (and all Free! ES episode 4, in general). (via xxxtoria)