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NaLu 14 plz~~


14. kissing booth au

Well I don’t seem to understand the purpose of a drabble xD lol this is much longer then I had originally anticipated so I hope you enjoy anon :D Also there’s some Gajevy for you guys

“Only five dollars a kiss! Come on guys it’s for a good cause!” Lucy couldn’t understand why no one was coming to her kissing booth. She did her hair all nice today and everything. She frowned looking around at the other booths also trying to raise money. The whole school had decided it wanted to do good for the community, and their first lucky cause was raising money for the local animal shelters. Lucy looked around realizing everyone else’s ideas were so much better. She had thought this was a sure fire way to raise the money, she was so cute after all, but it didn’t seem like everyone else was as enthusiastic. Lucy sighed resting her chin on one of her hands looking at everyone walking by.

“Lu-chan what’s wrong?” The blonde looked up at her best friend standing in front of her booth.

“I was just hoping to help raise money for the animal shelter, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in my booth,” she sighed again feeling distraught.

“Hey Levy, how much is it?” the petite girl turned around to find Gajeel smirking at her.

“Oh! Umm I’m not doi ~”

“It’s 5 dollars!” The blonde quickly jolted up eager to help her friend. Levy wouldn’t admit it but Lucy knew the bluenette had a huge crush on Gajeel, and this was perfect for both of them!

“Lu-chan!” Lucy looked over at the blushing girl and winked.

“That’s pretty steep?” He quirked a pierced eyebrow at the blonde questioning how expensive the prices were.

“Well Levy is a classy girl and you better snatch her up before it’s too late,” Lucy casually slipped an arm around Levy pushing her towards the jock.

“Fine,” He gave Levy a wicked grin while slapping a 20 on the table, “Consider all her kisses mine for today.” He scooped Levy up into a kiss making the girl yelp in surprise.

“Break it up you two!” Natsu walked over to the smooching couple pulling them apart. “Gajeel you know coach said no girlfriends till the season is over!”

Gajeel turned to face his teammate with a fierce scowl that made Lucy cower behind her booth. “I ain’t going out with her I just bought a kiss from over there!” He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, showing Lucy still sitting behind the booth to the new comer. Lucy squeaked a little when she saw the glare Natsu gave her. He marched over to her slamming a hand on the table making her jump.

“What’s this all about?! You trying to get Gajeel kicked off the basketball team?” He lifted her by her shirt collar bringing her face to his. “You from a rival school or somethin’?”

Lucy began frantically waving her hands around, “No! It’s nothing like that I was just raising money for the animal shelter!”

He gave her a look, “What animal shelter?”

She looked at him in surprise, how had he not heard of the news, the whole school was involved. “The Happy Go Lucky animal shelter here in Magnolia.”

“How much are the kisses?” Lucy was very confused by the turn of their conversation.

“Umm five dollars,” her eyes went round as saucers when he dropped her and reached into his pocket to pull out his wallet. He placed 50 dollars on the table.


“It’s for the animal shelter; it’s where I got my cat. It’s the least I can do for them.” Lucy was speechless she started doing the math in her head. That was ten kisses! She looked at Natsu closely trying to understand his motive. He could have gone to any of the other booths, and just donated there, but he chose hers. He was looking at her intently.

“Do I have to cash them all in now?” Lucy shot up unsure how to respond.

“I… ugh… I guess not.” He placed a hand on her face making her squeak again. He leaned in closer staring at her as he did before their lips met for the first time. They were soft a lot softer then she would have expected from him. Once the initial shock wore off she closed her eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the kiss. She felt his hand move from her cheek to her hair deepening the kiss. She felt his tongue lick her bottom lip before he pulled away with a slight blush on his face. He stepped back looking at her flushed face.

“I still got nine more so expect those later.” She just nodded her head yes too dazed by the kiss to give an articulate response.

“Oi, Salamander you trying to show me up?!” Gajeel stomped over ready to pick a fight with Natsu.

“You want to go Iron head!”

“Hey wait don’t fight in front of my booth!” Lucy spoke up right as they punched each other in the face forcing the whole school to come over and watch. Lucy watched them as they brawled touching her lips wondering when the next kiss would come.

A Matter of Time


anonymous asked: If you’re still cool with some Nalu prompts… There’s lots of stories where Natsu pretends to be Lucy’s boyfriend to chase off the creepers. How ‘bout a situation where Lucy has to pretend to be his girl to keep people from constantly hitting on his hot self? (PS. Your writing is fantastic!)

a/n: first off, thank you so much!<3 hope you don’t mind that I went with a high school!AU for this one

The classroom was buzzing with pre-morning bell energy as the blonde girl tapped the end of her mechanical pencil repeatedly on the top of her desk. She sat with one leg underneath her as she gazed to the front of the room, lost in thought. 

That is, lost in thought and choosing to ignore the annoyed look her teacher kept sending her over those cheap, wired glasses from the 70’s. 

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