Ya Savannah here I don't even know how to right one of these damn description things. So i'll just say somethings I do and I like.Im a CosplayerIm addicted to anime(like SNK, Free, Naruto, Bleach, and a lot more that if i keep typing im gonna run out of room)I read all the time and I mostly I spend my time here on tumblr or anywhere else on the internet cause my life ended up here so Enjoy this blog as much as you can. And to those who follow me I Love You all and thanks.

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To be continued……………………………………………….??

What the hell is Ryugazaki Rei? by fallen-lucifiel

…the thing I’ve been struggling with last month (around ep 2 and I haven’t touched it after ep 3). First part directly taken from the last part of Rin & Rei’s mini-drama cd… I just wanted to share what Rei’s smile does to my heart. Rin is my scapegoat. (•⊙ω⊙•)

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If you're taking prompts right now.... Hal/Barry high school AU? Maybe one of them gets bullied and the other saves them? Thanks! (Oh and by the way I love you blog!)


"What’re you gonna do about it, huh?" The kid shoved Hal against the lockers with a sadistic grin, hands balling into fists as he got ready to throw a punch. "You’re dad isn’t around to protect you now, Jordan.”

Hal bristled, a twist in of grief in his gut driving him on as he pushed against the hand on his chest. “Shut up Carl.”

Before he could take a hard swing to the face, a short blond kid in a red jumper stepped between them.

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Ruen’s High School AU Prompt Fill - Pt. I


The last time Hal crushed this hard on someone he was in middle school and it was one Carol Ferris. At least she’d been in his grade level. He couldn’t say the same thing this time. The guy was a senior. An actual, two years older, going to graduate in the spring senior. As far as Hal knew they didn’t share a thing in common, besides athletics, of course.

Hal couldn’t even recall when it started. One moment he was just another person in the sea of students, then from nowhere he was attractive, upperclassman Barry Allen, the track star. And Hal couldn’t get him out of his head.

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Ruen’s High School AU Prompt Fill - Pt. II


Cheers and applause ripped through the stands as the game came to a close and the scores flashed on the board.

Hal removed his helmet as he gazed up at the red numbers. A wide grin made its way across his face as the comprehension of what the digits meant set in. They did it. Another victory under their team’s belt.

With the game now over, the boys rushed off the field and into the locker room.

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Ruen’s High School AU Prompt Fill - Pt. III


The groan Hal released sounded reminiscent of a dying cow… or a goat. Maybe a dying lama? Did lamas even make noise?

"Argh!" Guy gripped his head in frustration. "I’m thinking about lamas because of you, Hal!"

Hal lifted his head at the sound of his name. “Woe is you. At least you have a date to the dance.”

"Of course I do." confirmed the red head proudly. "I didn’t wait around on my ass like some people."

Once more Hal’s head met the table’s wooden surface. “Not helping.”

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